Monday, October 26, 2009

Back again...

So after a long hiatus I've decided to start blogging again. Life has gotten more stable so I imagine the tendency for my blogs to incite drama is much less. As long as my blogs are still interesting to look back on, I'm ok with that. And if someone else likes them...icing on the cake. Pictures may take just as much space as writing I think. People like pictures...who reads anymore anyway? Ok well, all of my favorite people seem to read more than I do so I'll do a bit of both. As both a way to look back on my listening habits and perhaps give others something new to hear, I am hoping to either post songs or list my most recent albums I've purchased or listened to at the end of each blog. Unfortunately I have to deliver some video tapes to a client soon so I have to end this but I'll leave with a bit of music goodness from my newest discovery, Freelance Whales. Their whole album, "Weathervanes" is really good stuff. This one is called "Generator-First Floor."


Sunday, October 25, 2009

My finalized tattoo idea...

Now I just have to find an artist to put it on my fun fun!